At SPAR, there is no taste like home - that's why Die Boord Superspar has a whole range of freshly prepared foods made with the same care as a mother's touch. These include foods that are basic necessities, but which also progress to baked delights and conveniently prepared vegetables and meats. Wholesome meals are thus available for the whole family at competitive prices.

Die Boord Superspar Bakery uses the finest ingredients to bake bread and bread-rolls daily, as well as regularly preparing a smorgasbord of other pastries, cakes and biscuits. The Bakery is well-equipped to take small or large orders for functions, only requiring 24 hours notice for the same.


The Boord Superspar Butchery only uses quality meat products from local suppliers, thus guaranteeing freshness and availability on a consistent basis.

    • QUALITY FRESH, a range of premium grade, fresh bulk meat
    • TENDERNESS GUARANTEED, a range of pre-basted premium quality meat
    • FLAVOUR ENHANCED, a range of marinated and spiced premium quality meat

The QUALITY FRESH range includes a selection of premium quality South African fresh bulk meat, delivered bulk bags that are prepared and packed in store. This range offers you quality, freshness and hand-selected meat, available in Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Pork cuts.

The TENDERNESS GUARANTEED range offers you selected, premium quality fresh meat that is pre-basted so that it is tenderised and kept moist and juicy. This range is centrally packed for improved quality and health standards. We promise you that even the most affordable cuts of meat will be tender, including topside and silverside, and that the meat will always be succulent and moist.


The FLAVOUR ENHANCED range includes a selection of fresh, premium quality South African meat that is vacuum tumbled with flavoured marinade and spices to enhance the taste of the meat and ensure a deliciously different flavour experience. This range is available in a wide variety of choices, because there is no limit to the flavours that can be added to cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken.

The vast range of fresh meat products extends to an assortment of cold meats and other processed products. Delicious poultry and fresh and frozen fish are also available. Tasty biltong and dry “wors” complete the range.

A variety of fruit and vegetables and a full range of dairy products are also available from the store, all carrying the Spar guarantee of quality and freshness.